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Work life balance is all about creating and maintaining supportive & healthy work environments,
which will enable employees to have a balance between work and personal responsibilities and thus
strengthen employee loyalty and productivity.
What work life balance is NOT…?
It does not mean an equal balance
Your best individual and work life balance will vary over time
There is no perfect one size fits for all balance you should be striving for.
It is believed that balancing a successful career with a personal or family life can be challenging and
impact on a person’s satisfaction in their work and personal life’s roles (Broers, 2005).
If we speak in terms of the organizations as they interpret it, work life balance are working practices
that acknowledge and aim to support the needs of the staff in achieving a balance between their home
and working lives. (HEBS 2002) It can be judged as a state of equilibrium in which the demands of
both a person’s job and personal life are equal.