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Many interrelated processes influence the potential and success of ecotourism within a protected area
and links between natural areas, local people and tourism have been highlighted in this study.
Although there is no standard comprehensive method to evaluate the achievements of an ecotourism
site, several approaches that assess tourism affects by using measurable indicators have proven useful.
A path has been presented to guide the establishment of ecotourism such that synergistic relationships
between natural areas, local populations and tourism may be achieved. The path can also be used to
assess the status of ecotourism at particular sites.
Indicators informed by theory, and validated by stake- holders, can facilitate assessment of the status
of ecotourism at a given site, and aid in identifying existing strengths, weaknesses and opportunities
to be explored. Government need to take proper initiation for safety and security of tourists in terms
of accommodation, medical facilities and shelter and proper food facilities with reasonable price.