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In the present day, every country is struggling for social and economical development and
richness of any country can be measured by its per capita income. However, while considering per
capita income we find unequal distribution of wealth among poor and rich population of country like
India, which is called ‘A Country of Villages. ’In modern time Indian Industrialist are progressing
spectacularly. However, very few peoples are so rich while majority people are deeply poor in India,
and unfortunately, at international level, India is recognized “A poor and hungry Country.” Most of
the cases of suicides and frustrations of farmers, labour, hand workers, unemployed and married
women and some times of businesspersons are due to economic problems, means bankruptcy and
insolvency. When this lower class people will be developed, that times the country will develop in
real manner. Now India’s population is about 102.5 crore, and 67% population of it lives in villages
and 30% population is below poverty Line (BPL). 80% population of BPL needs financial facilities.
However, they have nothing to secure at bank for loan and no bank is interested in such type of
banking. Peoples live in undeveloped area far from bank to reach.