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This century has belonged to the Information Technology Sector. How organizations are able to leverage
IT to get advantage in a highly competitive market will be the key to success. Leading the way would be
the organizations that are in the IT industry. The IT boom has brought with it, its own set of challenges to
organizations. How to put in place systems and process that are in tune with the IT revolution, how to
strategize and compete in the IT era? Etc. The study throws light on the wide spread silent problem by
name “Stress”, which gave rise to acute dysfunctions and also the source of many diseases, increased
divorce rates, and other harassments. The work stress is found in all professions. IT professionals are
much strewed because they are highly target driven and highly pressured on results. Athletes experience
the strength that comes from eustress right before they play a big game or enter a big competition.
Because of eustress, they suddenly receive the strength that is required to perform to the best of the
ability. Stress can make a person productive and constructive, when it is identified and well managed.