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Impact of Advertising on Entrepreneurship Ventures

Mr. Ambhore Prashant P. Dr. Barnabas Vikram

Unemployment is the main problem that our country faces now. In this situation it is necessary to become
familiar with the multi dimensional aspects of Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneur is a person who innovates,
allocates and manages the factors of production. This particular person has the ability to perceive latest
economic opportunities and to device their exploitation. This particular person is the supplier of resources,
supervisor, and coordinator and ultimate decision maker. Entrepreneur has the greatest chance of success
by focusing on a market niche either too small or too new to have been noticed by established businesses.
To help new technologies come to market, many universities establish business incubators for
entrepreneurs hoping to turn leading edge research into marketable products. This is currently on in many
universities, scientific and social science institutions in India. The new generation entrepreneurs are well
educated and are capable of understanding the fluctuating trends of markets. The entrepreneurs in most of
the cases are having business family background. In certain cases the new generation has started after
facing a lot of difficulties from their first generation. In these cases the new generation is very careful in
selecting their business career.