Women entrepreneurs have been considered as the new engines for growth. People have pointed at them
as an important ‘untapped source’ of economic growth and development (Minniti and Naudé, 2010). The
World Economic Forum acknowledged women entrepreneurs as “the way forward” at their annual
meeting in 2012 (WEF, 2012).Most of the women are now showing their preferences towards the
entrepreneurship rather than going into the fields of professional or paid job. Now a day’s women are
choosing both the traditional (pickle making, agarbathi making, candle making, etc.) as well as the nontraditional
(beauty parlour, garment shop, computer-training etc.) activities and are performing well
enough (Gajendra&Himnish, 2014).At present the participation of women in micro business in Kalaburagi
district is prominent. These micro businesses have benefited women entrepreneurs to gain economic and
social independence.