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Future Globalization and International law in the Contemporary Context

Mr. Abdulrahman Abdo Shawqi Subih , Dr. Visitsak

If we close our eyes and bring up to our mind a photograph of globalization, in our mind the photograph
that will come is a picture of the trains, airplanes, cars, trucks, and ships etc. which are all related in
common to the term of Globalization. Globalization of the past was not as same as the globalization of the
present and globalization of the future. Globalization before the 19th century approximately was not
existed. At the time of the colonialism, the term of globalization was confined within the borders of the
colonialism. The movement of the goods flew between empires and colonies. The bloom of the concept of
globalization, however,started in the 19th century, before that the international trade was not globalized
because the decline of the liberalism and adoption of nationalism (figure 1). The flow of goods and
commodities among the countries was limited to some nations. When the advances of technology
launched, a surge growth in international trade occurred to start new phase of the globalization.