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The exponential growth of internet and the increased reliance on digital information have
revolutionized online newspaper journalism with new ways and means of disseminating online
newspapers to the challenge of updating and providing fresh news frequently and dramatically increased
the news consumption and usage. Compared with traditional news media online newspapers have
remarkable advantages including their ability to provide up to date information rapid access to a large
number of newspapers and their archives without additional expenses the advantages of being interactive
and paperless the possibility to bookmark print or save and edit the contents of online newspapers.
News papers can provide online versions that are not mirror images of print version instead offers
something extra such as interactive features or information that could not fit in print versions there are a
number of online newspapers on the internet, some of these have only extracts and general information,
while others being compete newspapers with archives. The important characteristics of online newspapers
include hypertext, interactivity, and multimedia. Hyperlinks enable navigation through online newspapers
and connect readers to related contents. News published on the online newspapers can be complimented
with background information graphics photographs animations audio streams and video footage, sidebars.
And links to e resources such as online archives magazines, e books, and other online newspapers.
Interactivity can be made available on the online newspapers to make online editions interesting. The
interactivity could be achieved by engaging readers using RSS, Blogs, Polls, Surveys, Opinions,
Comments, Feedback, etc. There has been a number of studies that assess the contents and design of
online newspapers, and news websites.
There is little research that focuses specifically on the contents and design of online newspapers in
Maharashtra therefore a need was felt to analyses the contents and design of online newspapers in
Maharashtra. This paper gives an informative preview of the contents and design of online newspapers in
Maharashtra and will be useful for evaluating deploying online newspapers and news websites.