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Today a hospital administrator needs to have complete knowledge about the management of
health services in a hospital as well as in the society not only as a part of hospital working but also as the
social aspects or responsibility. A hospital administrator is a part of the society and he should perform the
social duties towards the society in the field of health. An administrator if plans in good way to educate
the adolescent age group, he can guide the adolescence in scientific way. This is his social responsibility
and not a compulsion. Furthermore, not only the cure to various diseases but also their prevention is an
important aspect. The main focus is over the various sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, HBsAg, etc.
The best age where we can educate is the teenage and peripubertal age. Along with the practice of use of
non-sterile syringes and needles, drug abuse as well as transmission of infected blood and blood products,
the curiosity in teenage about the body, mind and natural attraction between opposite sexes is another
causative factor for spread of such infections. Youth is most neglected part of our society and the major
due to freedom in urban areas and ignorance in rural areas. To educate them in proper and scientific way
is the duty of the society and hospital administrators also play a major role.
Sexual exploitation has increased in today’s world which can be considered as result of youth’s
mentality, extra freedom, carelessness about everything, ignorance, yellow journalism, open internet,
electronic media, etc. The topic of adolescent health education and in particular sex education is an
important aspect, but unfortunately it is not given much importance in our social setup. Hence, the
adolescent age group and youth are not aware about the ill effects of the irresponsible behavior and
misuse of freedom. This is the prime duty of all members of the society including health care providers
(hospital administrators) to provide the proper education.