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Exchange of information becomes the necessity of life to a common man. In the modern world an
individual tends to communicate anything to everything right from the place where he/she stands. Even
while riding vehicle he / she wants communicate within a fraction of second at quick speed with clear
voice, without any disturbance. Like line crossing, out of order, etc. most of which lack in the connection
given by the department of telecommunication. Mobile phones emerges as a boon quench such a thirst, by
providing facilities, which a common man cannot imagine. The handset or Mobile Phone is in fact an own
private radio transmitter and receiver, very similar to the Walkie-talkies used by Police and Security
Personnel. The key difference is that a cellular phone network is connected to the fixed line or
conventional telephone system allowing additional access to the telephone world. Mobile Phone can be
used to make and receive STD and ISD calls. Now e-mailing message is also possible. Some cellular
phones have the capacity to send and receive faxes and data when attached to a personal computer. The
sole purpose of branding is to distinguish the branded product from those of the competitors. A wellpromoted
brand name, which has earned reputation in the market, is very difficult to compete with.
Branding describes the establishing of brand name, make and trade names for a product.