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Rural women play a vital role in form and home system. She contributes substantially in the
physical aspect of farming, livestock management post harvest and allied activities. Her direct and
indirect contribution at the form and home level along led to increase in family income. She
performs various farm, livestock, post harvest and allied activities and possesses skills and indigenous
knowledge in these areas. This is in spite of her being the socially suppressed educationally at a
disadvantageous positions and having a little say in the decision n making process due to lack of
independent income source in hand. Hence it becomes imperative to empower them technically so as to
cope with the changing times and productively use her free time and existing skills of setting and
sustaining enterprises. This will not only generate income for the family but also improve the decision
making capabilities of the rural women leading to overall empowerment.
The Indian economy needs to generate a large number of jobs in the decentralized rural non
farm sector comprising to small, tiny, cottage, village industries in order to arrest the rising
unemployment and urban migration in the country. The rural economy in recent years has been
showing clear positive signs for the micro enterprise opportunities especially fo r women. The prospects
of micro entrepreneurship are very high in a few sub sectors such as trade, transport, construction and