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Women Entrepreneurship: A case study of shanti perfumery Kalburagi

Dr. Kavita Sangolagi1 Dr. Mallikarjun Alagawad

Women constitute a chunk of 48.5 % of total population (Census 2011). Women workforce constitutes an integral
part of total workforce in India. They constitute one third of labour force and supply two third of the total
working hours and yet they are earning only one-tenth of the income and they own only 1% of the
prosperity. In India, Women’s work is invisible, unrecognized and under remunerated.31% of Indian
workers are women. 96% of women are in unorganized sector. 36% women workers are poor. Compared
to male counterparts women have limited access to educational and employment opportunities. For
women the extent or control enjoyed by women over their lives and the extent to which they have access
to the decision making process are very important