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Tourism is a key Industry in economic development of Goa which brings foreign exchange to the state.
This beautiful land offers various flavour of dance, music, food & nature to tourist’s every year who
comes from different parts of the world. To promote tourism in Goa, Goa Tourism Development
Corporation organizes cultural and heritage tour, adventure trip,pilgrimage tours, carnival, food festivals,
Lokotstav etc. The best time to visit Goa is between the months of October to May. But Goa is popular
throughout the year and displays its own charm through various events and festivals. No longer can Goa
depend only on the beaches for attracting tourists. Competitive advantage is no longer natural but
manmade. For that Goa Tourism Development Corporation is trying hard to diversify its service by
adverting adventure tourism, monsoon tourism promoting its archaeological attractions, pilgrimage
tourism, Yoga tourism, farm tourism and backwater tourism, rather than just sun and beaches.