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The first Indian commercial flight was flown on February 18 in the year 1911from Allahabad to Naini by
a French Pilot. The first Indian licensed commercial carrier was established in the year 1932 by “Jehangir
RatanjiDadabhoy also known as the Father of Indian Aviation”. Tata Airlines later changed to Air India in
1946, was located out of Mumbai and it carried both passengers and mail across all over India (IATA,
2011). The airline company 49% stake was later acquired by the government and was fully nationalized
through “the Air Corporations Act, 1953”(IATA, 2011). With the commencement of the Air Corporations
Act, the government gained control over Tata Airlines and the entire aviation sector was nationalized.
Major milestones in the Aviation are shown in Table 1.